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See how your digital strategy compares to others

Keep your team informed on how your digital strategy stacks up against competitors’ with our competitive intelligence platform.

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Competito provides a birds-eye view of your competitors’ marketing strategy
Why track
Know how you stack up

Track your competitor’s entire digital footprint to see how your efforts stack up in comparison.

Automatically tap into many online sources to bring a true reflection of how you and your competitors are doing in one dashboard.

Effortlessly broadcast this information throughout your organization, ensuring sales, marketing, product and the executive suite are on the same page, and able to make informed decisions.

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Why track
Optimize your strategy

Learning what works and does not work for your competitors’ can be instructive. Your team can use this information to adapt their strategy to disrupt what is getting success for others and find white-space to target.

You serve the same market, so use data to your advantage by making more informed decisions on what to target next and pull the plug on what’s costing you time and money.

Why track
See best and worst performing keywords

Large numbers of consumers are looking to purchase a product or service like yours but don’t know about you. Performing well in search engines such as Google can give you the best chance of being found.

Your competitors are trying to attract these same customers and will be putting in effort to capitalize on this.

Why track
Understand velocity of changes

If you only analyze how your competitors are performing one time, you won’t see the full picture. You need to see where they are heading and how fast they’re heading there. Velocity is crucial.

Your competitor may be ahead of you and pulling away from you faster than you think.

Why track
Identify the best content for ROI

Your competitor’s are not all that different from your business. To win, you need to identify what they are doing right and use it to your own advantage.

Are you spending time creating ineffective blog posts? Are your competitor’s releasing powerful white papers that convert?

Your team can use the knowledge to disrupt their most successful channels and identify untapped channels your competitor has not thought of. Yet.

Why track
Build better products

Understand your competition’s offerings so you can improve areas of your products or services that you aren’t as competitive, or further improve in areas you are winning.

Why track
Know their paid traffic focus

Your competitor’s won’t be spending money on secondary features. It’s important to study every advertisement they’re spending money on to know the features or services most important to them.

Understanding the content of the advertisements can help you understand how they position this.

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