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Competitive intelligence for SaaS companies

Competito helps your sales and marketing team to track and understand competitors’ moves online that could affect your business.

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The problem
Intelligence simplified

You could monitor your competitors’ manually by going onto their website or following them on Twitter. This won’t show the bigger picture and will take up your time.

SaaS companies have thousands of webpages and use hundreds of different marketing channels.

Competito monitors all of them, 365 days per year, and delivers the results direct to your team members inbox.

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Optimize your strategy

Learning what works and doesn’t work for your competitors’ can be instructive. Your team can use this information to adapt their strategy to disrupt what is getting success for others and find white-space to target.

You serve the same market, so use data to your advantage by making more informed decisions on what to target next and pull the plug on what’s costing you time and money.

Know everything they do

The most important asset of a SaaS company is its website. This showcases everything that they do. From the staff they have, to pricing, to where the company is focusing its time.

Yet it’s impossible to study the entire website as they often have thousands of pages.

Competito explains their website structure and highlights every change that is made, every day. From a spelling correction, to a new landing page they just launched.

You’ll know everything they do when you combine this knowledge with their reviews, social media posts and hundreds of other data points.

See what they’re focussed on

Competito tracks the reviews, landing pages, blog posts, social media channels and more of your competition to get an accurate reflection of where they are spending time, and the messaging they’re using to push their main features or services.

Is your competitor moving upmarket? Are they focusing on one feature over another? It’s important to know the answer.

Fine tune your USP

Using competitive intelligence data you can fine tune your USP by identifying all the weaknesses of your competitor’s product or services.

Hit hard on these pain points and position yourself to be more competitive in acquiring customers.

Get more time on your side

Spend less effort on watching your competitors’ and spend more time creating strategies to beat them. Our intelligence can help inform and improve every department in your organization.

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Deliver better content & services

Watching the content your competitors create that is successful can be an indicator of what your target audience is interested in and engaging with.

Comparing these metrics against your own can help your marketing team make informed decisions on content strategy.

Empower your sales team

Does your sales team really know everything about your competitor’s product or services? If not, they’ll get caught out from time to time in competitive deals.

By empowering your sales team with a competitive intelligence platform they can create strong counter arguments ahead of time to any objection your lead may have which could have led them to select your competitor instead.

Identify gaps

Bringing together a wealth of data about your competitor’s into one hub can help show where they’re good, bad, and simply not trying. This can reveal some new avenues to pursue which have been largely untapped.

Identify features their customers want that they don’t have, unhappy customers that are ripe for the taking, a marketing campaign they haven’t touched on, and so much more.

Mitigate risk to your business

If a prospect is talking to you, they are more than likely talking to your competitors too. Features, pricing and support are key decision factors in SaaS.

Your sales teams shouldn’t be learning about any of these during a sales demo with prospects. Poorly formed responses made up on the spot can lose you the sale.

Using Competito, your team would already know about these updates and could have created compelling, rehearsed, counter arguments that could attempt to salvage the deal.

Build an informed culture

The more your team know about your competitors marketing strategy, roadmap, and customers, the better prepared they will be to make informed decisions.

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Understand their relationships

Your competitor wouldn’t work with other vendors if they were not beneficial to company growth. Understanding these relationships and why they have them can be informative to your own strategy.

Better understanding of the industry you serve

Studying your competitor’s in depth will give you an improved understanding of the market you serve, the pain points of your target audience and how your competitor’s position themselves to solve them.

This will also reveal people of influence in your industry, conferences where your target audience are likely to attend, the political and legal landscape, and a broader insight into where the industry is heading.

Better understanding the industry you serve can help you protect your business and improve on your current offering to remain competitive.

Avoid being blindsides by new competitors

You need to know about new competitor’s as soon as they come to market so that your team can mitigate risk.

New SaaS products that launch could be deploying at faster rates than you, undercutting you on price and/or creating compelling marketing content.

Increase your revenue

Competitive Intelligence brings a large supply of data on your competitor’s so your team can make more informed decisions.

Focus on what moves the needle the most for your business and create a more competitive culture that wants to win.

You can even find some quick wins to take from your competitor’s based on the negative reviews they have.

Businesses using a competitive intelligence platform will outpace those that are not.

Rally everyone for battle

Hit home the importance of getting your team onboard and engaged in trying to your competitors.

Competito is perfect for your team

You could send your whole team to a weekend-long workshop, pay an expensive consultant, or read all your competitors blog posts… but why waste time and money when the answer is just a click away?

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