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Understand your competitors’ website

Profile your competitors website and understand how they use content to drive quality inbound traffic.

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Competito monitors every page on your competitors website so you don’t have to
Why track
Their website is revealing

Your competitors’ website is their primary marketing asset which will reveal everything they do as an organization.

  • Positioning of product/services
  • Job openings
  • Press releases
  • Events in your industry
  • Feature & price updates
  • Technology they use
  • Partnerships they have
  • Case studies
  • and so much more

With Competito, you’ll know every change they make and have a log of all historical changes to help you connect the dots.

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Why is tracking important?
Why track
Understand their content strategy

A website is an organizations primary marketing asset which should reveal everything they do, and how they position their content to convert.

With Competito, you can learn what the content of their website covers, how they position it, the changes they make, and how quickly they’re adding to it.

Why track
Know the volume of content they have

If you plan on beating your competitor’s you need to know if you are even in the same ballpark. Do you have a thin amount of content and your competitor has thousands of pages? You should find out.

It’s equally important to track their content velocity. They may have less content than you, but if they’re adding at a fast pace, this tide can turn.

Why track
Understand their SEO focus

It’s extremely difficult to spot and understand every SEO change that’s made to a competitor’s website.

Competito will monitor these changes for you allowing your team to see every change they make, so you can understand everything from there A/B testing strategy through to the marketing focussed keywords they target.

Why track
Know their site structure

Understand how your competitors website breaks down. Find out how many landing pages they have, blog posts, case studies and more. Get a birds-eye view of how their website comes together.

Why track
Find content gaps

If you understand all the content on your competitors website you can start to identify gaps in content they haven’t covered, or, you could cover better.

Why track
See how you compare

Compare how your website stacks up against your competitor’s so you can identify your own weaknesses to improve on and to mitigate the best parts of your competitors.

If you are planning to beat them for organic search traffic, you need to ensure your website isn’t making this difficult for you and that you are creating truly exceptional content that answers the search queries of your consumers.

Why track
Be alerted to every change

Keeping track of the changes that your competitors’ make online and having time to act is hard and unproductive.

You have to manually go through the websites of your many competitors’, remember which changes you saw, and then try to find a way to tell people about those changes.

Competito gives your team the most up-to-date info on what your competitors’ are doing across all channels so you can take immediate action. It’s like having employees running around the internet for you 24 hours a day!

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