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Competitor newsletter and account email monitoring setup guide

By Lee Jones

June 21, 2021

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Competito automatically captures all emails sent from your competitor, capturing a screenshot of the email, and alerting you as soon as it is received. Using this functionality would help you learn loads about the moves your competition is making online.

To start tracking these emails simply sign-up to the newsletter, or the account on the competitors’ website using the dedicated email address given to you in Competito for this competitor.

These usually look something similar to this:

Using an email address we provide prevents you from needing to use any personal emails, or temporary email addresses found online. Additionally, if your competitor tried to navigate to, the website will simply not load and appear to be broken.

Finding your dedicated email address

After you add your competitor into the platform you will see an event on your timeline with a tag of “Competitor Added”. This usually contains your dedicated email address.

Example “Competitor Added” event

This is the email address you should use for subscribing to any competitor accounts or newsletters.

If you have already added your competitor, you can select “Manage competitors” from the left-hand navigation, click “Edit” on the competitor you wish to monitor, and your email address should be present in the “General” section, directly beneath the website address for your competitor.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x245.png
Example in the settings screen

What to do with this email address

Once you have this email address you can head on over to your competitors’ website and sign up for the free trials, and the newsletter campaigns they have.

Example of a competitors’ website newsletter sign-up form, pre-filled with the dedicated email address.

What happens after using this email address

Now you have signed up for an account with your competitor, or to receive their newsletters, you will be notified on your timeline in the tool every time an email is sent to that address.

We convert all emails sent into an image, and extract and links (in-case you need to click them). This is for both security and archival reasons.