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What does Competito do after I add my competitor?

By Lee Jones

June 21, 2021

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Short answer

  • Show social information – within 1 hour
  • Show keyword information – within 1 hour
  • Show initial reviews and other service information – within 1 hour
  • Show initial web pages detected – within 24 hours
  • Check for new social posts – every day
  • Check for new paid advertisements (social) – every day
  • Check for keyword ranking changes – every few days
  • Check for website changes – every few days
  • Check for SEO changes – every few days
  • Check for reviews and other services – every few days
  • Identify new competitors – every few days
  • Check for new emails from competitors – near-instant (if configured)

Long answer

When you finally add your competitor Competito will begin taking a snapshot of the current state of your competitor. We can’t really keep you informed of the moves they are making if we don’t know the current state!

Once the current state has been achieved, we will start presenting information on the timeline within the platform. Below is a rough idea of what to expect, and how quickly to expect them.

Usually, within ten minutes, you will begin to see social media posts from recent months, and keyword ranking information appears in your timeline.

Usually, within a few hours, the initial pages Competito detected on your competitors’ website will show on your timeline feed.

Around this time Competito will also be gathering the current state of other services such as review platforms, technology information, and more.

After this initial collection period, Competito will check social information every 24 hours and update you if it sees new posts or paid adverts.

Your keywords will be checked weekly to understand the change in search rankings.

Your competitors’ website will be analyzed every few days to see if new changes are made.

Monitoring competitors’ emails are near-instant when your competitor sends them if you have used the dedicated email address provided to sign-up for these newsletters.

Reviews and other online servers are checked every couple of days for updates.

You will not have to check back in the tool for these updates, we will email you as they happen.

The first few days using the platform may not show too much change for your competitors’ — this is to be expected. The initial period is about data gathering and then monitoring moving forward.