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Getting started with Competito

By Lee Jones

June 21, 2021

Image of Space Shuttle Taking Off

You’ve just signed up to Competito — that’s great news! Now you need to know some of the basics of how the platform works, and what to expect over the next week.

Let’s break this down into bitesize articles you can read in the order we would recommend!

1. Add your first domain (and learn what we mean by this)

2. Add your first competitor

3. Learn what Competito does when you first add a competitor

4. Add users to the platform

5. Understanding the Timeline

6. Switching domains

Now you have read all these articles, you are becoming a Jessle ninja! There is more to learn, but we will let you play with the platform for a while before we fire more learning material your way! After all, we are here to save you time, not cause you to spend endless time learning.

Good luck with monitoring your competition.